Alberta Party Campaign College

On January 20th, 2019, Calgary-Edgemont members of Team Alberta Party traveled to Red Deer for Campaign College, a campaign-oriented training event organized by the Alberta Party central office in preparation for the 2019 provincial election campaign period that begins on Feb 1st.

Party members and volunteers from more than 80 ridings all over the province showed up for the event, including more than 40 official Alberta Party candidates for the 2019 election. Among the group were Stephen Mandel, the current leader of Alberta Party, as well as Greg Clark and Rick Fraser, sitting MLAs for the Alberta Party caucus at the legislative assembly of Alberta.

Giving lectures at the event were multiple experienced campaign organizers, volunteers, and tech supporters. Staff of Election Alberta were also invited and explained in detail the current governing legislation and regulations regarding election candidacies, campaigns, and finance.

Stephen Mandel, leader of the Alberta Party, delivered a speech at the conference. He once again expressed his pride in the talented and diverse team of candidates that the Alberta Party has fielded. “They represent all cultures, ethnicities, all religions, all ways of life. We are the kind of party that should be governing Alberta because we are Alberta”, he said. He emphasized the Alberta Party’s mandate as reaching out and hearing Albertans’ voices to understand the requested changes in this province, and reinforced his strong belief that Albertans would be impressed by Alberta Party candidates once they learn about them. “We will create a wave with the talents on this team.” Mandel concluded.

Doug Griffiths, former MLA and minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs, appeared at the event as a keynote speaker. He praised the Alberta Party candidates for open minds and willingness to work together with each other and all people in the province. “We are stepping up to serve Alberta, not to gain power”, Griffith commented. He then went on to encourage Alberta Party candidates to focus on people rather than getting elected, a modest, yet more effective way to secure victory.

Team Calgary-Edgemont enjoyed a rewarding excursion to the campaign college. Aside from the inspiring content of the lectures, a sample of Joanne’s lawn sign was also distributed during the event. These will be coming soon to lawns all over the communities in the Calgary-Edgemont riding. The Calgary-Edgemont TCA was also awarded with two honors: the most memberships added during candidate nominations, and the most funds raised in the 4th quarter of 2018; the first one coming with a $750 prize, as well. The community’s avid support of Joanne and the Alberta Party is apparent and earned these titles for our riding. Joanne and all members of the TCA thank everyone who has and who continues to support and assist in our association, nominations, and upcoming campaign. We could not do this without every one of you!

Although the writ has not yet been dropped, the official campaign period for the 2019 Alberta General Election kicks off on Feb 1st. Joanne and the team will officially move into campaign mode - working hard to hear the voices of Albertans, and to speak out for communication, cooperation, and responsible government.

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