Joanne's Speech at Joanne Fundraising Banquet on Nov 28th

I am a first-generation immigrant Canadian, and like many of you here, I have worked hard. Together with my dear husband Chris, we have raised a family. I have also volunteered a significant amount of my time in community service. I feel very blessed with a great job as a financial advisor at major bank, a loving family and many many wonderful friends. Many are here tonight.

At your homes, at your doors, I have heard you say that we are not happy with what is going on in our province right now. We are concerned about the economy, worried about our jobs, uncertain about our children’s future, frustrated about pipelines not built, unhappy about carbon taxes, disappointed about government debts. The list goes on and on.

What makes it worse is that this current government is not listening to most Albertans. The current government is making many decisions that we know are not sustainable.

We can no longer afford to be bystanders any more. In order to get our voice heard, we have to get involved, we have to get engaged. Because we need change, and we want change. We want a government that will focus on finding solutions to the problems we are facing, instead of fighting each other over ideologies.

Yes, it took a huge amount of courage for me to step up to run for MLA. I like the opportunity to listen to you, and I like the potential to represent you, to be a part of the team that will make necessary and positive change, to shift the focus to the future, where the province of Alberta provides opportunity and success for all people.

I heard you ask me, why the Alberta Party then? Why indeed. I truly share the value and vision of the Alberta Party, and strongly believe that our platform in next year election will resonate with Albertans. Between the far right party and the far left party, the Alberta Party represents a middle road, which in my opinion is better aligned with many Albertans including new immigrants and minorities. I believe the Alberta Party represent a rising political force to reshape the current divided political landscape of Alberta. More importantly the Alberta Party under leader Stephen Mandal is thriving and has attracted many outstanding people, a slate of people who are a true representation of the Albertan demographic makeup, with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. By having more minorities like me, stepping up into the Alberta political arena, our collective voices will be better heard and our ideas will be better represented.

I am running for MLA because I am inspired to be part of the change. I’d love to see you get engaged, because your voice matters, and your vote counts!

Alberta Party | Calgary-Edgemont