Joanne Gui holds successful fundraiser with party leader Mandel and 200 supporters

In a Calgary restaurant packed by over 200 supporters, Alberta Party hopeful Joanne Gui held her first successful fundraiser on the evening of last Wednesday November 28.  Alberta Party leader, former provincial healthcare minister and Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel featured the keynote speech at the dinner held for Gui in the Central Grand restaurant.

From what she heard through her recent door knocking in the Calgary-Edgemont Constituency, Gui spoke to the public's concerns at the weakening Alberta economy, increasing fiscal deficit, and polarized political discourse. Albertans are increasingly worried about the evolution in the provincial political landscape with the endless and useless debates between the ruling NDP and the opposition United Conservative Party.  Voters felt they are being ignored by these party leaders. Gui told the audience of her motivation to stand out and run for provincial public office - being the voice of the community, especially for Chinese and visible minorities. She expressed her interest and willingness in listening to the community and, in return, she hoped the community will leverage their vote to improve the future of Alberta. She chose the Alberta Party for its fiscally conservative and socially progressive stand.  



In his keynote speech, Mandel emphasized the Alberta Party's pragmatic approaches and presented the Party's vision to revitalize and diversify the economy.  In his vision, energy remained the core industry in the province and the key to the provincial economy was to continue finding ways to improve access to deep water.  Alberta should not only support the construction of the TransMountain Pipeline, but also re-engage in negotiation for Northern Gateway, Energy East Pipelines and other possibilities.  In addition to the energy strategy, Mandel would endeavour to diversify the economy by supporting the growth of multi-industries like agriculture, manufacturing, information and communication technologies, and by enhancing investment in infrastructure.

Teresa Woo-Paw, former colleague of Mandel in the provincial assembly, made a short speech after the first two speakers.  She thought highly of Gui's courage, and expressed her support to Gui. In her speech, Woo-Paw recalled her days with Mandel in the last government, and viewed him as a reliable and responsible visionary.  She encouraged the audience to support these two candidates.

During the dinner, Mandel made efforts to meet and greet all 200 supporters and listen to their concerns and ideas.  

Alberta Party candidate Jonathan Dai also attended the dinner, making the trek from Edmonton in support of the party, Mandel and Gui.





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