Joanne's Thoughts

Special Days

There are certain days in one's life which are extremely special. March 19th is one of those days. The writ dropped on March 19th, and one year previous I received an important phone call. From Greg Clark.

I DM’ed him two days prior to explore the option to run for the Alberta Party. He responded and we made an appointment to have a telephone meeting. And he called. He called me Jacqueline. I will never let him get away from that one.😀 And I met Stephen Mandel one week later. And rest of it, is my history.

The 2015 election was a shock to me. In so many ways. I drifted politically afterwards. Went along with the WRP/PC merger and leadership vote. Then I found myself lost with no political home. I did quite a bit of soul searching until March of 2018.

I was talking to one of my Right-leaning girlfriends. She proposed that we check out the Alberta Party and explore options to run. To be honest with you, I didn’t pay that much attention to the Alberta Party. I knew it existed. I knew the name of Greg Clark. And I wasn’t even sure of which party to vote for. Until then.

I found myself a political home. When I announced it to my two grown children, they were happy for me that I would run for a party that aligns with my principals and beliefs.  

I went into politics because I wanted change. And now I want those changes to start from changing myself. I wasn’t then, and still am not happy with the three levels of government. What I could do, though, is offer my service to the people in the constituency of Calgary-Edgemont. Offer to be that honest, principled, passionate and capable person in politics that I have been seeking.

Yes I believe in democracy. I believe in Canada. I believe that I moved thousands of miles away from my hometown to become a Canadian. I will put my faith in Canadian democracy and into hard work. To pay back to this country, this province and this community.


United We Conquer All

It was -30C on the weekend, and felt like -35. Thanks to the dedication of our wonderful volunteers, we made frames for the campaign billboards.  10 hours and 200 frames prepared!

One of those volunteers, I am especially grateful for - my life partner of 31 years, Chris. Without his support, encouragement and trust, I could never take this huge step in public service.

For an engineer, understanding and supporting the beliefs and dreams of an idealistic wife is the most solemn statement of love I could ever imagine in life. There are no flowers and applause, only silent blessings, and this kind of love, I really cherish.

We have experienced the ups and downs of life as couples do. I am reminded of a time after a conflict - we went to see a psychologist. She said: "Marriage, like a company, should have a mission statement." That is, as a couple, we should encourage and support each other to challenge ourselves and be adventurous. It will be great if we are successful. If we fail, that we know this home is a safe and happy harbor, waiting for our return.

I know that I have done this for 30 years. Chris, with his ten plus hours of hard labour, let me know that he has done it, too.

United we conquer all.

Thank you, Chris.

Alberta Party | Calgary-Edgemont