Joanne's Focus

Create a New Future

Our economy remains in crisis. Our constituency has been hard hit by the misfortune of poor commodity prices, lack of energy export capacity and NDP policies which have chased investment from our province.

However, the Alberta Opportunity remains, we need to seize it. The future of the province will be built on the capabilities of the tradespeople and professionals who call Calgary-Edgemont home.

As your MLA, Joanne will:

  • Advocate for corporate tax break based on jobs created for Albertans, especially to new
    Albertan graduates. See our Welcome to Alberta Plan and Jobs First Plan for more details.
  • Promote economic diversity and investment in the province by building on not only the energy
    sector, but value added manufacturing, tourism, technology and our world class health and
    education systems. See our Jobs First Plan, Refining and Petrochemical Industry, Film in AlbertaForestry Industry and Autonomous Vehicles Plans for more details.
  • Promote advanced education and the re-training of our community members to find new work in their professions.

Reawaken Democracy

To create positive change within Alberta we must stop playing partisan games. We must work together and use the democratic process. We oppose blindly following the party line.  

As your MLA Joanne will:

  • Establish a non-partisan consultation committee for the constituency.
  • Exercise free votes based on the input of the committee and the constituency.
  • Provide regular feedback to the constituency on the matters before the Legislature.

Community Connection

Your voice can only be heard when your MLA speaks to the issues in the community.  An MLA is useless, even if in power, when they ignore the voices of their constituents.

As your MLA, Joanne will:

  • Hold quarterly town hall meetings, rotating through the five communities in Calgary-Edgemont.
  • Commit to always being connected to the community, in person and virtually through use of technology.
  • Support the need for quality affordable childcare for ALL families. Review our Children First Plan for details.
  • Ensure that all children receive the supports they need for success. Review our Educational Assistants and Public Dental Plans for more details.
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